Our Services

Messaging & Positioning

It’s hard for startups to make themselves heard in today’s crowded marketplace. We’re able to uncover what makes you different and create powerful narrative and messaging to bring your communications to life.

Marketing & Communications

Fame is about more than being seen or heard. We specialise in delivering high-impact campaign activations – from media relations to influencer marketing; sponsorships to media partnerships – that leave audiences with a lasting, positive impression of your brand.

Content Marketing for Social Media

B2B and B2C marketing is changing. We design and deliver smart content marketing campaigns to help you reach and engage business audiences in the most impactful, cost-effective way.

Pete Hykin, Co-Founder Penfold

“We met with a number of agencies and Transatlantic immediately impressed us with their depth of expertise, creativity, and understanding of our business and specific needs. They truly delivered when it came to media – getting us a great deal of high quality coverage in a short space of time. Gideon has become a trusted advisor to our business and founding team, which is been invaluable during the early, fast-moving years of our business.”

Ben Patten, Co-Founder GoodClub and ex-Farmdrop CEO

“Transatlantic has created a huge blast of publicity out of not very much and very quickly. Perhaps more importantly, they’ve shaped our thinking and actions for more and better PR in the future.”

Peter Platzer, CEO, Spire Global

“Spire has always had a strong sense of its own brand, but we were too close to it ourselves and had to find an outside perspective. We wanted to drive awareness of our service and products but we also needed to go back to basics and establish the true core of our story. Why did we exist as a business? What opportunity were we seeing for Spire in the marketplace? How should our industry and investors perceive us? Transatlantic helped us go back to the start and built a corporate narrative that fused positioning; a sense of purpose and a clear set of reasons why we were destined for success. They then set about finding coverage on FOX and SKY to put our new narrative to the test. Today, we feel significantly more confident in our brand message.”