Our Services

We provide the support that’s most needed by early-stage tech companies. We deliberately don’t do it all – we focus on the elements we believe are crucial for building awareness for your company’s nascent brand.

Brand Messaging and Positioning

From upfront brand positioning and narrative development to media backgrounders and messaging-on-a-page, we’ll show you how to tell your story with precision, clarity and creativity across every marketing and communications channel.

Media Relations / Press Offices

We specialise in delivering high-impact campaign activations that make the most sense for your business – from media relations across trade, national and international outlets through to influencer marketing or creative led stunts. Whether this is a one-off project around fundraising, through to running 24/7 press offices across multiple markets, we can do it all. Our team includes people who have worked at the heart of news organisations and have run PR campaigns across multiple sectors, territories and audiences.

Thought Leadership Content

Our goal is to help you create great content and to make sure that it is seen by the people that matter to your business. It’s not rocket science (or data science for that matter). It’s PR, done properly. Through our team of dedicated professional writers, we focus on creating compelling, original content that we can place in front of the audiences you need to engage.


Transatlantic specialises in partnerships across the worlds of, talent, sports, entertainment, technology and media. We consistently deliver global to local strategies, and regularly work through to in market execution. Our expertise is broad, and our network is global, which means we’re able to leverage relationships at the highest levels across film studios, TV networks, sports rights holders, music labels, gaming publishers, media companies, and technology.


Even in today’s hyper-connected, global business community, who you know matters. It’s what gets you in the door. From brand partners to investors, we provide introductions and forge connections with the individuals and organisations best placed to help your founders accelerate business growth. It’s what makes us a true partner to our clients and not just a transactional agency.


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